A unique four-stage protocol, whatever the type of material and media tested. An evaluation done by a team of assessors specially trained on the IM method.


Step 1 : The IMpact Program®

Impact Memoire’s assessors evaluate the communication using the IMpact Program® based on criterias that allow to measure the ability of a message to stimulate key cognitive processes

Step 2 : International Validation

1 correspondent based in the countries concerned determine whether there are any elements that might be interpreted differently by local target audiences
All human brains work the same way, but some elements may be perceived differently
Ex : male-female relationships, nudity, money…

Step 3 : Calculations

The IMpact Program® calculates (proprietary mathematical formula defined and proven by Impact Memoire) performance scores on the basis of the 150 items evaluated that include Impact, attribution and the ability of a message to facilitate purchase/ or behavior

Step 4 : The Analysis

A lead analyst produces a report based on scores obtained and observations made by assessors.
The report’s objective is few numbers, clear explanations, identification of key strengths and area of optimizations and recommendations for rework

Our solutions

Our Cognitive Analysis is global and can be applied to all types of media and formats. At Impact Mémoire, we use our unique methodology to assess the power of the message conveyed by your brand to build a positive memory trace.


IM/TV Assess the performance of your draft TV campaign at an early stage, as soon as first creative intentions. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic of your draft, with frame-by-frame analysis, performance scores and workable avenues for improvement, taking account of the stage in the creative process. We also assess finalized TVCs — for example if they need to be further edited or shortened. Watch the video >Close ✕


IM/Digital Whatever the format — banner, story, skippable or non-skippable video — Digital Cognitive Analysis gives you a comprehensive diagnostic of the strengths and weaknesses of your creative draft. Our analysis focuses on the power of your message to generate positive long-term effects and effectively and sustainably build your brand and territory. It also focuses on its potential short-term effectiveness, such as ability to drive clicks, completion and immediate behavioral action. Watch the video >Close ✕


IM/Print Assess the performance of your print or OOH campaign across the key levers of effective ad recall and obtain a complete diagnostic with workable improvements. Your print has just seconds to grab the consumer’s attention, ensure a fluid reading path and deliver a clear message. What registers does it use and how effectively does it generate emotional input…


IM/Pack Maximally convey your product’s identity and stand out at the point of sale by leveraging our knowledge of the conscious and non-conscious processes that guide consumer choices. Packaging is the ultimate touchpoint for showcasing your product. We help you make it more effective from the first creative intents, whether 2D design or 3D mockup. Watch the video >Close ✕


IM/Logo Five criteria — attention, perception, emotion, semantics, tangibility — are measured to assess the overall performance of your logo. Our analysis is based on key rational elements, with no subjective opinions or judgements. These are crucially important whenever you create or make changes to a logo, taking account of historic factors and your brand’s marketing goals.