Thanks to a unique methodology, based on the knowledge acquired in Cognitive Sciences and its exclusive scientific program, Impact Memoire assesses the quality of your ad’s memory trace. The Cognitive Analysis is carried out through a unique four-stage protocol, whatever the type of material or media tested:


Step 1 : The IMpact Program®

Impact Memoire’s assessors evaluate the communication using the IMpact Program® based on criterias that allow to measure the ability of a message to stimulate key cognitive processes

Step 2 : International Validation

1 correspondent based in the countries concerned determine whether there are any elements that might be interpreted differently by local target audiences
All human brains work the same way, but some elements may be perceived differently
Ex : male-female relationships, nudity, money…

Step 3 : Calculations

The IMpact Program® calculates (proprietary mathematical formula defined and proven by Impact Memoire) performance scores on the basis of the 150 items evaluated that include Impact, attribution and the ability of a message to facilitate purchase/ or behavior

Step 4 : The Analysis

A lead analyst produces a report based on scores obtained and observations made by assessors.
The report’s objective is few numbers, clear explanations, identification of key strengths and area of optimizations and recommendations for rework

When and how

Without bias linked to the type of material tested, Impact Mémoire can intervene earlier in the development process - as early as first intentions and until finalized material. Ideal in screening and optimization phases, the cognitive analysis can also be used for a diagnosis or rework on finalized material.


1- Qual

When insight needs to be validated

Creative development

2- Impact Memoire’s Cognitive Analysis

In screening phase and for optimization all along the creative process!

Big Idea, Rough drawings, Script, Mock-ups, Story-board, HD images, Animatic

Optimization and Editing on finished material

Diagnosis and optimization in view of rework (new airing, shorter formats …)

Finished Material

3. Quant

When a last validation via consumer is needed