Key strengths

IM! combines unique cognitive expertise with over 15 years of market experience to offer brands tailor-made support through value-added solutions.


Proven effectiveness

There is proven correlation between IM! predictive indices and campaign performance, in terms of both marketing impact and effect on sales.

Actionable recommendations

At IM! we focus on one goal – helping you being more effective. Providing you with relevant, realistic and actionable recommendations is our top priority.

Optimal budget and timeframe

Dispensing with consumer field tests and questionnaires saves time and money without sacrificing reliability – making IM! cognitive analysis the most competitive solution on the market.

Worldwide expertise

The human brain works according to universal principles, which can be activated by different cultural specifics. IM! is backed by an international network of correspondents who provide this cultural insight.

Beyond consumer statements

Consumers can't say everything or do everything they say: IM! cognitive analysis explores conscious and unconscious processes — eliminating both consumer bias and field research constraints.

No format-related bias

Consumers cannot judge the real power of an ad while it's still unfinished. Our method takes into account the scope for improvement between a creative brief and execution.