IM applies cognitive science to produce an exclusive insightful analysis of all the aspects involved in your Brand expression.



IM! closely studies and evaluates your ad campaign project. Using an exclusive method, we provide you with accurate performance indicators


We specialize in two areas of post-testing. Quantitative post-testing, which involves our responsive team of senior research executives drawing on a vast pool of expertise to cut through to what matters most: a sharp and insightful analysis of your campaign's performance. And cognitive post-testing, which provides an in-depth analysis of your on-air ad, plus useful editing or alternative creative routes proposals.

Packs analysis

Right from your initial creative vision, ensure that you express your brand's identity as powerfully as possible – and improve on-shelf standout – by leveraging our understanding of unconscious influences on consumer buying decisions.


In today's over-saturated digital world, how can you achieve cut-through and engage consumers? The IM! digital approach assesses the ability of your ad to grab attention and engage Internet users  from the start, in addition to  recommendations for a more effective online campaign.

Advertising agency competition

Take advantage of our proven scientific expertise to ensure that you select the right agency to handle your campaigns. IM! can help you identify the agency with the best creative ideas that match your needs.

Logo + graphics guidelines

Using an analysis method that goes beyond consumer responses and semiotics, IM! can help optimize your brand's visual identity across every consumer touch point.

Brand assessment

We evaluate how your brand image is perceived at a conscious and unconscious level, and identify the main markers to help create more powerful long term communications.