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They are able, through their analysis, to reconcile advertiser and agency (…) Impact Memoire provides a factual analysis, full of common sense. They do not break down the agency’s work but are constructive and provide solutions

CMI director – Home Appliances

They have a very quick turnaround. Our contacts are always of quality. We reach out to Impact Memoire also on finished films, they are always ready to provide a point of view on our final draft before it goes on air

Head of Marketing Insights & Analytics – Cosmetics

We work with very large creative agency that value the operational dimension : what needs to be optimized and how

Research Director – Energy

Very precise recommendations and always complementary to our qualitative research tests

Consumer Insight Director – Cosmetics

Timings, budget and finesse in recommendations in view of optimizations would be, in my opinion, the 3 key benefits

Research Manager FMCG

They have the seniority that enables them to have a true added-value

Research Director – Streaming

We work with Impact Mémoire very early, in screening phases. It helps us gain time and limit budgets ahead of the quantitative phase.

CMI Director – FMCG

With Impact Mémoire I can validate my assets in several countries without exponentially increasing my budgets

Global Consumer and Market Insight Lead – Pharmaceutical