Our expertise

Three areas of expertise applied to your brand.
Impact Mémoire offers complete, high value-adding support,
thanks to our unique approach and fully committed team.

Cognitive analysis

Advertising pretesting:
Using our proprietary method, we evaluate the performance of your creative draft at the earliest stage,
even if you only have a script. We offer a comprehensive diagnosis of your draft, complete with performance
scores and workable avenues for improvement, whatever stage your project is at, and across all media formats,
from TV and video to print, radio and more.

IM/Digital and IM/Sponso - NEW!!
Pre-test your Digital and billboard campaigns in 48 hours.
An analysis that will provide performance scores and optimizations while taking into account
the specificities of the formats and of the medias so as to ensure stronger creative/media adequacy.

Pack testing:
Right from your initial creative intent, express your product’s identity as powerfully as possible
and improve on-shelf standout by leveraging our understanding of conscious and unconscious influences
on consumer buying decisions.

Wide-ranging analysis:
Drawing on our cognitive approach, Impact Mémoire works with you to solve any number of issues
around the life of your brand.
• How do you assess and compare the effectiveness of multiple advertising campaigns?
• Where best to position your packaging in its competitive environment?
• How cohesive is your brand across its various expressions?
• How can you enhance your brand’s visual identity (logo, graphics guidelines, etc.)?

Quantitative studies

Advertising pre-testing and post-testing:
Two key tools for managing advertising effectiveness for your brand. Pre-testing before the campaign
to analyze the impact potential of your creative draft on your target audience, complete with avenues
for improvement. And post-testing to analyze its impact after the campaign. Has your copy been seen?
Did people connect it with your brand and product? And did it drive purchase intent?
Plus, workable recommendations optimally tailored to your context.

Regular monitoring of key indicators of brand success (consumer awareness, image, etc.). How best
to position your brand within its market? Which objectives are the highest priority?
What levers can you activate to communicate more effectively? Insightful, easy-to-understand
quantitative measurements for smart, useful analysis.

Ad hoc studies and consulting

Impact Mémoire offers cognitive solutions, enriched as needed with complementary approaches
(quantitative, qualitative, semiotic) to help you achieve your brand objectives as effectively as possible.
Our team is listening and ready to conduct specific projects to meet your needs.