Why do we use Cognitive Sciences?

Understanding conscious and non-conscious processes at the root of our actions allows us to analyse and assess the impact of any message delivered by your Brand.

Attention is a necessary condition for any memorization. It enables a message to stand out. The process of reasoning will help foster deeper processing.

Perception involves the interpretation of visual, auditory stimuli, and other sensory signals. The resulting mental representation enables viewers to make sense of the stimuli.

d’Impact Mémoire's
Dual Expertise :

Founded in 2001, Impact Mémoire emerged from the vision of three pioneers coming from different yet complementary fields.

A communicator passionate about the power of messages, a neurologist specialized in brain and memory understanding, and an eminent researcher in cognitive sciences, all united by a common ambition : to revolutionise advertising effectiveness by combining sciences and communication.

Bruno Poyet

Graduate of the ECAM engineering school and holder of a post-graduate degree in Business Administration. Over 25 years of experience in advertising and media. Founded Climat Médias, an independent Paris-based media consultancy, in 1993.

Olivier Konig

Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications within the subject of visual perception, memory and emotions. Head of a research lab in Lyon after severs years of academic research.

Head of the neurology, cognitive functions, linguistic and memory department at the Neurological Hospital of Lyon. Author of several books on the subject of Memory published by Odile Jacob.


The cognitive pre-test applies a unique methodology based on an exclusive scientific program, outcome of 10 years of R&D. This program allows to assess the quality of your communication’s memory trace thanks to a unique combination of experts and an algorithm.

Using the scientific program, Impact Memoire’s experts assess the communication through its ability to stimulate cognitive processes, necessary for generating behaviour. They answer to 150 scaled or closed-ended questions identified by Impact Mémoire thanks to Cognitive Sciences to eliminate any bias.

Then, this program uses its algorithm to calculate 3 KPIs (impact, attribution, purchase facilitation) which will be analysed and explained in a comprehensive report outlining strengths, weaknesses as well as optimization routes.