CSR module

For Advertising to serve as a driver in the transition, it is essential it follows a responsible approach.

Tailored to CSR challenges, the IMPACT POSITIF module leverages cognitive sciences for more responsible communication. By harnessing essential cognitive mechanisms to create lasting memories, it assesses the performance of an advertisement through:

  • Its ability to express CSR dimensions of a message.
  • And to have a positive impact on viewers’ more responsible behaviors.

Why conduct an

  • Foresee: As early as the very first creative intentions, assess to screen the creative route that best aligns with your CSR goals.

  • Strenghten: Optimize your Positive Impact through actionable recommendations on the 5 criteria aimed at strengthening the impact on more responsible behavior.

  • Support: KPIs on extra-financial goals to support your creative choices that foster engagement and contribute positively to the transition.

  • Control: Get a clear view of your performance over time and vs. your industry.

Efficiency barometer on Responsible Ads:

Each year, Impact Mémoire conducts a barometer to assess the effectiveness of CSR communications broadcasted in France and internationally since 2022. Such barometer enables to identify key trends and insights.

The first barometer was conducted for M6 Publicité as part of its study “le temps des Marques responsables”, in June 2023.

Contact us to get the study and discover the trends and insights from the latest barometer.

Our commitments:

Impact Mémoire benefits from a unique methodology without consumer interview consequently with low impact. Such approach allows a seamless integration into marketing processes seeking more virtuous solutions.

Our goal to assist our clients in their Responsible effectiveness aligns with a comprehensive approach to implementing CSR actions, to continue optimizing our social and environmental impact, through the following commitments :

  • Impact Mémoire has been a signatory of a climate contract since 2023.

  • Our carbon footprint is updated annually.

  • Our code of ethics here.

  • Our new website is eco-designed. This redesign aims to decrease the carbon emissions linked to its functioning. This eco-designed website enables faster navigation, enhancing user experience while minimizing their resource consumption.

  • Employees well-being : we are committed to providing a work environment that takes into account our employees personal needs and supports their personal development. We commit to offer flexible working hours, remote work options, as well as additional leaves.
  • Social impact : we aim to have a positive social impact.
    This is why we make an annual donation to the association La Source, which believes in the power of artistic creation to support social action, and fight against exclusion in all its forms.